Respect the game.

About the league

The Wycombe Futsal League is a short league(3-4 months) which is designed to fit around busy players, parents and coaches lives. We know that our kids love playing football, but managing Saturday training, Sunday matches and everything in between can seem a bit much. At the Wycombe Futsal League we know your time is precious, so our leagues fit around you.

We also believe that the right level of competition is key in order for players of all abilities is key, so we ensure that all our leagues are as competitive as possible so that on the day, anyone can win. This is not only great for players to ensure they are kept motivated and enjoying their game, but give parents an exciting match to watch.

The future of futsal

The art of football coaching is forever developing, changing and reshaping. For the modern grassroots coach, futsal is the perfect tool to help young players develop at a rapid speed. The main reason for its success being, it is fun! With more touches on the ball, more shots, more goals, more transitions, more tackles, more saves and more running, why wouldn’t it be. So don’t wait for the others! Get involved and join the Futsal revolution today.


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