Whether you a professional, a novice, an adult for a youth player Futsal is for everyone. The Wycombe Futsal League arranges fixture to ensure that games are competitive and to a standard that everyone will enjoy.

As a youth player- “Practice makes perfect”- this is a saying that most coaches will tell you is what you need to succeed. With Futsal`s reduced field size and unique rules a player is place in a situation where constant decision making I required more often than in the 11 aside format of the game. There are quicker transition between defense and attack, less time and space to react when you receive the ball and with the no back pass rule means that the only option is to take the player on. Its and environment designed to heighten learning and a great place for a young player to improve his skills..

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The reality of coaching is that most youth coaches are parents and volunteers who are just keen for our kids to play and be involved in sports. Yet every coach will always find themselves searching for new ways to develop and test their young athletes. Any coach who has done a level 1 qualification or above will know that the easiest way to progress any session is to reduce the number of touches and reduce the size of the area. This reduces the amount of time a player has to think on the ball, and these are the Futsal Founding Principals.

Futsal allows players to make the decisions and make the decision more often. It allows coaches to focus more on set piece play and leaves the ball skills and development occur naturally. It’s a great place for beginner and seasoned coaches and there is a competition for everyone.

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